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Wanderer? Wanderess!

Coming Spring of 2021

It is an incantation for the woman who wanders...

This text of 112 lines can be read in about four minutes.

Yet, it has the power to improve your life's design,

and take you far beyond ordinary limits.

To experience desired results, deliver the lines aloud to yourself, in solitude, at night or dawn; or, recite them in blessing a loved one or friend,

as she sets off into the world to wander on.

There can be no greater gift and show of devotion to the well-being of a Wanderess than to pronounce this poem's words

at the bedside of one who sleeps, on the eve of her departure to travel.

This prayer is a potent benedicition. Share its lines freely. Those who receive them will be at great advantage out in the world. Or, if you'd rather covet the words herein for yourself, do so selfishly. Recite them inwardly regularly, and you will see that your future will be most unselfish with you.

Wander wild, wander free.


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