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Grow Your Project with CityRoom in just a few steps...


Goal: Identify the Project: 

Method: Book 15 minutes in our "Think Tank"

The "Think Tank" is an online (voice) consulting-session using your choice of Zoom (preferred), Skype, or Messenger.   You schedule the date and time when you book the Think Tank session on our Services page. You will be able to provide material or information prior to the session, or just come straight to the Think Tank to tell us about your project, or project idea. 


Goal:   Determine Plan of Action

Method:    Attend first "Think Tank" session

Non-Member Price:   $17 (USD)

Member Price:    Included in all member packages

During the 1st session, our CityRoom "Thinking Specialist" will help you decide a plan of action for your project (either the first phase or your entire project, depending on the complexity).  


(Note: One session is included in your first month of membership, should you decide to join CityRoom; and we offer a 10-Day Free Trial, which means you can try out the "Think Tank" before you pay anything!)




Goal:   Execute the Plan of Action

Method:    Content Creation

(Note: If you are the content creator for your project, or otherwise do not need this service, skip ahead to Publication or Peer-Review.)

Content Creation may involve any of our graphics, video, writing, or editing services.  Simply book a service on this page, choose the date and time, and our writer or designer will offer prompt and professional content to advance or complete your project.  


Finished content?


Goal:   Complete the Content

Method:    Combination of Think Tank Consulting and Content Creation

Goal:   Bring Your Project to the Public or to Peers

Method:    Publication and/or Peer-Review

Your Project is finished or is at a place where it would be beneficial to show the work to the public, or to a group of like-minded professionals in your field (Peer Review).

Alternating 15-minute Think Tank sessions with Content Creation services will make your project sparkle and shine!





Peer Review:  What better way is there to improve your project than by showing it to your peers?  They have the tastes to appreciate your work, and also know the pitfalls and may serve as guides.  If your project has the level of excellence that they applaud, Peer Review can serve to win you new international partners and followers.  CityRoom builds on this to help your project expand and grow!  

Publication: CityRoom will post your project (if applicable) to our Magazine, and publish it in any of our suitable imprints: Travel Writers' Network,, Wanderess, and Pomegranate Domains. We will also provide you with a list of additional publication options.

Goal:   Expand and Grow

Method:    Peer Review

This step in the methodology is CityRoom's magic ...and also, the CityRoom secret. But when you reach this step, you will be invited to engage and watch your project bloom in ways beyond imagination and expectation!

Achieve what you envision, beyond what you imagine.

The Best Way to Start?

...Either Book a Session in the Think Tank

...Or Become a Member to Sample a Session with Our Free Trial.

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