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 Every Great Project at CityRoom Begins in The CityRoom 

" Think Tank "

  • Think of it as your private gym, your private island off Tahiti, your favorite wine bar, your favorite tree; your personal idea-bank, your magic lamp, your Muse... The Think Tank is the nucleus of the CityRoom methodology.  It is the service that launches projects, lands them, and keeps them afloat in between.  Try it.  It can bring great success.

Pour a glass of wine or coffee and come

to the Think Tank...

  • The Think Tank is a 15-minute online consulting session (voice call) with a CityRoom "Thinking Specialist."   

  • Sessions are designed to help you generate your best ideas, the best solutions, the best plans.

  • Some people have a project in mind they would like to work on; others use the Think Tank session to identify a new project.

  • You choose the date and time for the session when you book.

  • You may choose which tool to use as communication (most people choose Zoom, second is Skype; some prefer Messenger).

  • Your privacy is guaranteed, as is your intellectual property rights.  We never share session information with anyone, nor do we use information outside of helping you with your project(s).

The Great News is the Price!...


And, the Even-Better News is...

  • If you join today as a member, you don't pay anything in the first 10-days and you can cancel before 10-days to avoid any charge at all.  So, by taking advantage of our free membership trial + free Think Tank session with membership offer, you can actually come to the Think Tank and never have to pay at all!

  • So, schedule a first session.  Come as you are - with or without a project in mind.  When you schedule, you can specify which communication service you prefer.  You can change your preference any time.

  • When the session time arrives, we will punctually call you.

Preparing for Your First Session

  • Pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of wine if this helps you think.

  • Find your favorite chair inside, go for a walk, or take the Think Tank for a drive.  It's portable and loves to travel.

  • Below is a short form that will help prepare for the first session.  Take a moment to fill it out and we'll be on our way! 

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