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Summer, 2020: A Traveler's (Day)Dream

"Travel writing is one of the most promising occupations in the world, right now," report travel writers in a June, 2020 poll.

This belief will surprise many in the travel industry who feared throughout spring that the occupation might soon vanish.

Reasons for this optimism vary from the pessimistic view of where the travel industry was going pre-Pandemic...

("Airplanes had become as comfortable as inner-city buses. Passengers were no longer respected, as tickets were cheap and airports congested with riffraff.")

...To the more optimistic view that it is a chance for a rebirth of the industry and the entire concept of travel.

Until then, the closures will give us time to travel in our minds, travel on the internet, daydream; thus we can rethink the purpose and meaning of travel, and restructure our future trips.

One travel writer claims, "the industry was going to the dogs. Anyone with a boarding pass and an Instagram account was suddenly a travel journalist. Why this degraded our métier was because others took them seriously. "

He added, "How lucky we are to have escaped [the industry's] decline and fall. This Pandemic has temporarily paralyzed us, yes, but we will relearn how to fly, rediscover how to wander. And, a new epic in our journey as human beings will soon begin."

Travel writers everywhere are taking this time to daydream, as well as explore the opportunities and ideas in the resourceful Newsletter from and Travel Writers' Network.

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