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Weingut Schloss Salenegg

The pioneer in the oldest wine estate in Europe

The Salenegg Castle in Maienfeld is one of the largest wineries in the Bündner Herrschaft and Heidiland with 11.5 hectares. Weingut Schloss Salenegg is the oldest still existing winery in Europe. Since 1068 wines have been grown and vinified here. The site was founded by the Prior of the Monastery of Pfäfers in 950. For more then 500 years the castle is now run by the family von Gugelberg von Moos. Helene von Gugelberg now manages this amazing castle and its vineyard. She brings innovation into these medieval walls. Since 1652 there has been no changes made to the architecture, until 2011 when Helene invested several million dollars and extended the cellar and brought the production technology to the 21st century. With the production of more then 20 different delicate vinegars – considered more than unusual for wine makers – she showed more of her spirit for innovation. One fact is clear: there are as many stories to tell as these walls have withstood years.

Articles and photos by, Gian Carlo Casparis, Wine Tours Switzerland, the CityRoom staff, and with the kind support of Heidiland Tourism AG.


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