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Croatia Continues To Gain Prominence As A Luxury Travel Destination

Croatia continues to attract the most discerning travelers and based on the recently released 2018 Virtuoso Luxe Report, an annual survey which provides key trends and insights to the luxury travel industry of its  international travel agency partners and their advisors, it is no surprise. The results and findings are based on current and anticipated bookings – aimed to learn about what motivates today’s travelers, specifically the world’s most affluent and influential travelers.

According to the survey, Virtuoso reported that the following factors go into a travelers decision and the top 10 biggest trends of its findings for 2018 are: multigenerational family travel; active or adventure trips; river cruises; food and wine travel; celebration travel; travel with immediate family; luxury cruises; cultural immersion; beach resort stays and honeymoons.

Croatia is the ultimate destination that has what it takes to be visited and loved by so many diverse travelers, whether it’s families, friends, honeymooners, romantic getaways, or those looking for the ultimate party experience, soft adventure, or lifeventures, or simply just relaxation, etc. That is because Croatia can be whatever each traveler would like it to be. For a relatively small country — in size only — Croatia offers so much diversity that it has secured a special place in the heart of all those who have visited. With the perfect combination of history, culture, cuisine, wines, and natural beauty, as well as a rich heritage anchored by ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites and eight magnificent Natural Parks, and a stunning coastline of 3,625 miles — dotted by more than 1,000 islands, islets and reefs – anyone visiting is assured to have an experience of a lifetime.

The report also noted that young travellers, known as Generation Z, born in the mid-1990s to mid-2010s (now approximately 3 to 23 years old), makes up more than a quarter of the U.S. population with a buying power of USD$43 billion, and influences USD$600 billion of family spending. According to 90 percent of the advisors polled in Virtuoso’s Luxe Report, this demographic has a strong influence over family travel decisions, seeks active experiences, and wants to be involved in the planning of trips. They also aim to influence the travel choices of their peers via word of mouth, on social media platforms and reviews. This group seeks the unusual destinations and wants a visually appealing location and have the experiences that they can showcase on their social media.

Therefore, it’s not a surprise that Croatia has clearly landed on the radar of those seeking a unique travel experience and has also gained the attention of so many young U.S. travelers through popular culture television and film, such as HBO’s blockbuster epic fantasy series Game of Thrones and movies such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Robin Hood: Origins and the upcoming July 2018 release of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! However, those who have visited realize that Croatia is much more than a filming location.

Key findings of the survey in addition to 10 biggest travel trends and top 5 reasons the affluent are traveling in 2018, includes the 10 most popular emerging destinations of 2018, in which Croatia came in second, after Iceland. Of the 10 most popular international destinations, Croatia made the top 10 — tied with Ireland at number 8; and in the 10 most popular destinations for Millennial travels, Croatia came in at number 6 on that list.

With so much to choose from, Croatia is a destination that should be on everyone’s radar – no matter what age or interest – from culture, history, epic food adventure, old world European charm, or relaxing and enjoying an easy Mediterranean holiday — there’s always something for everyone who visits.

Virtuoso is an exclusive network of more than 16,000 travel advisors in over 800 agency locations throughout more than 45 countries. Leveraging US $21.2 billion in annual buying power, Virtuoso holds exclusive agreements with the world’s leading hotels, resorts, spas, cruise lines, tour companies, airlines, ground operators and specialty providers.

About Croatia

Stretching along the Adriatic Sea, just a stone’s throw from Central Europe, Croatia is a country defined by a rich cultural legacy. Today, history perfectly combines with a youthful spirit and vibrant energy that prove irresistible to those seeking diversity. Breath-taking natural beauty, endless coastlines, diverse gastronomy, adventure, sports and wellness, can be enjoyed all year round. Whether exploring the old city of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, island hopping around the Split archipelago, truffle hunting in Istria, paragliding across the Plitvice Lakes, delving into Zagreb’s streets and hidden passages, birdwatching in Kopacki rit, partying the night away at Zrce beach in Novalja or taking time out with the family on Zlatni Rat beach, there truly is something for everyone in Croatia. For more information, visit:


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