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CityRoom Services

CityRoom Services

CityRoom Publishing Group offers the following services:

Message Creation: Writing, editing, and graphics for your articles.

Publishing and Posting: From $10! We publish to one or more of our websites. Subject to editorial approval.

Strategic Consultation: We bring many decades’ experience to our clients’ projects, as should be expected. This can save you incredible amounts of time, energy and cost, and will help us give you the best results.

Articles usually fall into two categories, whether you write them or we do. The estimated prices listed are for posting only to one of the CityRoom Network sites. (,, and

Fast Post: (Up to 500 words, one image, two links) $10

(Upgrade to a three-image gallery: +$5.)

In-depth Article: (Up to 1,500 words, three images, three links) $45

Your post will be live on our site(s) within 72 hours.

To purchase a CityRoom FastPost™ for $10, visit

(FastPosts™ are available through PayPal on the Kleos homepage.) NOTE: Prices shown below are estimates and are for planning purposes only. Fast Post In-depth Message Creation: writing, graphics$6595Publishing and Posting: 1045Consultation: $75 to $100 per hour . By phone or Skype

If you would like your brand and message to be spread across the internet quickly and at a very reasonable cost, or if you have questions, please contact us. Let’s get started.

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