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Acasa – the Star Chefs’ Catering Company turns 5 and has a new home

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz, 10th January 2018 – Catering by friends for friends: with a new base in Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and an additional experienced top chef on board, acasa founders Sandro Steingruber and Andreas Caminada increase their Catering offer for acasa’s 5th anniversary. For small private celebrations or business events for up to 500 people guests can now choose from five different gourmet experiences – from Asian specialities to Alpine fine dining à la Schloss Schauenstein. A private chef can now be booked for a complete culinary service at home or while travelling.

Since 2012 Sandro Steingruber and Andreas Caminada have turned their idea of a special catering service into a reality with acasa. At the beginning of 2018 and after five years of success they are forming a new partnership with Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, a strong strategic partner sharing both friends’ expectations of a high level of quality. “The cooperation and central location of Bad Ragaz enable us to optimise not only our logistics”, says Steingruber. “The competencies of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and its proximity to the neighbouring countries of Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria enable us to grow and to be more flexible in meeting guests’ wishes” enthuses the acasa manager as he looks out across his business’ new home.

In addition to this the well-matched duo are increasing their culinary portfolio to offer a greater range of catering: depending on the occasion and personal taste guests can now choose from Schloss Schauenstein, IGNIV by Andreas Caminada, “Marée” in Parkhotel Sonnenhof in Vaduz, as well as “BBQ & Buffets” and “Acasia” in Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. “With this evolution of acasa we are creating a varied and high quality catering experience, the first of its kind in Switzerland”, explains acasa co-founder Andreas Caminada.

The top chefs within the acasa circle have in fact been accumulatively awarded 5 Michelin stars and 52 GaultMillau points. Alongside Andreas Caminada the acasa team is strengthened by Marée chef Hubertus Real, IGNIV chef Silvio Germann and Renato Wüst, Executive Chef of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. “By having our new partners acasa can always offer the most suitable cuisine”, says Steingruber with joy. “Whether elegant catering is required for a wedding or a BBQ for a summer party, fine star dining for a family celebration or canapés for important business drinks”. With the support of a well-matched team, Steingruber adapts his partners’ concepts in situ for each catered event – with many years’ experience in top gastronomy, in-depth product knowledge, the love of details and the fine-tuned senses of a top chef.

acasa chefs v.l.n.r.: Silvio Germann, Renato Wüst, Sandro Steingruber, Hubertus Real, Andreas Caminada

As an extra special offering the services of a private chef can now be booked to gastronomically pamper guests at home, in their holiday location or on their travels. The professional chef from one of the partner’s kitchen teams operates with the special knowledge of the top cuisine, creates menus to cater to clients’ wishes, sources the best ingredients and prepares the dishes to the highest standard in the clients’ private surroundings.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz team is already excited about acasa moving in: “In December 2017 we already strengthened our culinary options here with KOISO, a Sushi takeaway. Now we can offer the region another surprise highlight with our new partner acasa Catering”, say Grand Resort Bad Ragaz CEO Patrick Vogler and General Manager of the Grand Hotel Marco R. Zanolari.

The Cuisines of acasa

IGNIV by Andreas Caminada

Silvio Germann, IGNIV

“IGNIV” symbolically stands for comfort within a circle of family, friends or business partners. The fine-dining-sharing-experience enables a communal meal experience where the food is served in small or larger dishes or on platters and each guest helps themselves to whatever they wish. The “gourmet nest” created by Andreas Caminada bears the culinary DNA of the 3-starred chef from Graubünden. The cuisine is masterfully created and enriched by chef Silvio Germann’s ideas. He combines pork belly with scampi or salad with truffles – a mix of the exotic inspired by grandmother’s recipes. 1 star bestowed by Michelin, 16 points and the title of “Newcomer of the Year 2017” from GaultMillau all evidence of the talent of the 28 year old from Lucerne.

BBQ & Buffets

Renato Wüst, Executive Chef Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Renato Wüst’s element is fire: well known as a barbecuing expert, the Executive Chef of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz takes centre stage with his grill and raises barbecuing to an art form – BBQs with meat or whole fish and seafood are some of his specialities, as are extravagant buffets. He ranks among some of the best GaultMillau restaurateurs in Switzerland.


With “acasia” Renato Wüst also offers the riches of Asiatic cuisine and brings his experience from positions in Hongkong, Bangkok, Macau and Singapur to the plate: from artful sushi, through spicy curries, fiery soups or filigree dim sum to the famous crispy Peking duck.


Hubertus Real, Park Hotel Sonnenhof Vaduz

Tournedos Rossini, skate wing with capers or apple tart with vanilla ice cream and Grand Marnier: the great classics of European cuisine are the passion of top chef Hubertus Real from Sonnenhof in Vaduz. Interpreted with precision and a sound sense for balancing aromas, the offspring of the famous Liechtenstein dynasty of chefs adds befitting modern touches – his “Marée” cuisine also delivers subtle and creative vegetable dishes. Hubertus Real’s ability has been awarded one Michelin star and 17 GaultMillau points.

Schloss Schauenstein

Andreas Caminada, Schloss Schauenstein

Trout and whitefish from Lake Walensee, artichokes from local organic farmer friends, sea buckthorn from the surrounding woodland or plums from the castle’s own orchard. These are the stars of Andreas Caminada’s kitchen. Born in Graubünden, he combines Alpine tastes with the legacy of haute cuisine – sometimes subtle and playful, sometimes strong and concentrated. Modern cooking for Andreas Caminada means using avant garde techniques but above all allowing the land and season to speak in every dish. His creative work place Schloss Schauenstein has been crowned with 3 Michelin stars and 19 GaultMillau points.

About acasa catering:

acasa Catering is operated by ANDSAN AG managed by business partners Sandro Steingruber and Andreas Caminada since 2012. From January 2018 ANDSAN AG has a new partner, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, where acasa will now be based. Sandro Steingruber is responsible for managing operations. With the support of a well-matched team he creates in situ the culinary concepts of the brands brought together under the acasa umbrella. Before founding acasa the long-standing friend of Andreas Caminada gained 17 GaultMillau points at Epoca Restaurant in Waldhaus Flims and was voted Chef of the Year by economic magazine “Bilanz” in 2008.

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