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 Expand Your Ideas.  

Extend Your Borders. 

 Grow Your Projects 

with CityRoom, Today. 


Since 1998, CityRoom has offered expansive project development through collective ingenuity.


Turn Your Ambitions into Achievements

Professionals from around the world bring their projects to CityRoom to be achieved.  A "project" can be...

  • ...a book to create

  • an article to write

  • an ad campaign to launch

  • a visual presentation to build

  • a travel destination to promote

  • a company to brand

  • a product to design

  • a website to build

  • an event to plan

  • a service to develop

  • an idea to formulate

  • a city to celebrate

  • a person to venerate

  • a dream to achieve.

CityRoom Makes Sense...

Successful entrepreneurs, writers; international marketing- and ad-agencies, and other individuals and businesses bring their projects to CityRoom for a number of reasons...

  • They don't have the time themselves

  • The deadline is fast approaching

  • They appreciate the skills we have

  • They want to expand the project scope

  • They want to grow internationally

  • Two heads are better than one

  • Twenty heads are better than two

  • CityRoom does the job right.

CityRoom Makes it Simple...

Follow our simple methodology, and you'll be close to your goal in no time.  Here are a few FAQs...

  • You don't have to be a member to use CityRoomJust go to our services page without signing-in to begin.

  • Memberships start at only $8 and give you access to exclusive tools and services.

  • The place to begin is the "Think Tank."  The "Think Tank" is the recommended first choice to help brainstorm your project and plan the workflow.

  • One free session per month in the "Think Tank" is included with all CityRoom memberships.

  • We offer a 10-day free trial to new members ...just to show you how confident we are that you will love CityRoom Cancel anytime in the first 10 days and your card will not be charged.

Visions for the futures of 25 world cities in the words of 50 travel writers.

A Future Look at World Cities will unite accomplished and emerging travel writers with the travel bureaux of diverse cities across the globe.  Each group will collaborate on a vision of their post-Pandemic city.  Become a member to get involved with this exciting project.

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