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The Wanderess World's Fair

What is a Wanderess?

 Are you a Wanderess? 

Do you make or sell Wanderess goods, offer Wanderess services; or write, or create Wanderess art? If so, please fill out the form below to participate in the Wanderess World's Fair....

Professional Wanderess' Application to Participate

As a Wanderess, you may apply to participate in the Wanderess World's Fair. Which activity would you like to engage in...
What is your professional or artistic role related to "Wanderess?"

Thank You, Dear Wanderess.  We will contact you soon.  

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"Wanderess" is a style, an attitude, an identity, a way of life. A Wanderess (noun meaning "female wanderer") has come to represent a woman or girl who is untamed. She belongs to no person. And no country, city, nor constructed environment can contain her.  She has the indomitable spirit of a goddess, yet she is intensely human.  She is a creature of instinct, intuition, empathy and creativity.  The word Wanderess was coined in 2013 in Roman Payne's novel, "The Wanderess"; yet we can find the archetype present throughout history.  In Ancient Greece, she would have been Artemis - the wild huntress (Diana in Roman mythology). But, beyond Artemis' vagabondage in moonlit forests on the scent of her prey, the errant nature of a Wanderess has a complexity we don't find in mythology.  The verb "to wander" itself is hard to classify.  There is a whimsy, a caprice in the traveling of a Wanderess; there is also an independence and solitary strength.  She is not led by the scent of prey. She is not led by logic or time.  So free and untamed she is, even her own will won't always succeed to guide her.  She is unpredictable. And yet, though she laughs in the face of danger, she is not reckless. Recklessness is thoughtless; and a Wanderess is an intensly thoughtful individual. She takes her wandering seriously; yet she can laugh at danger, for "free in her wildness," like "a drop of free water," she knows as she goes that the Universe is on her side.

Discover the Wanderess' World

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