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Let our Services be the means

to construct Your Projects

as Your Dreams.

CityRoom Services are the building-blocks of your projects.  If you aren't sure which service to start with, or how they work together, please glance at our Methodology.  

Our Services are divided into three categories:

  1. Fundamentals :  The "Think Tank" is a Fundamental CityRoom Service, and is the best place to start for new projects.

  2. Content Creation : Step #3 in our Methodology after the Think Tank is Content Creation.  This category contains writing, editing, graphics, and video design services.)

  3. Publishing & Peer Review :  Methodology Step #4 leads you through the first public or private (peer) expositions of your project.

  • Bring a glass of wine or coffee, come into our Think Tank for a while.

    Full Details
    17 dollars des États-Unis
  • Eloquent and Error-Free English in 30 Minutes!

    Full Details
    9 dollars des États-Unis
  • Ultra-modern shorts with Augmented Reality (AR).

    Full Details
    68 dollars des États-Unis
  • "Fine design in 30 minutes."

    Full Details
    35 dollars des États-Unis
  • Editorial, Advertorial, Copy, Fiction, Poetry, French.

    Full Details
    65 dollars des États-Unis
  • Article Posting/Showcasing

    Full Details
    45 dollars des États-Unis
  • Editorial Post

    Full Details
    85 dollars des États-Unis
  • Feature Publication

    Full Details
    225 dollars des États-Unis
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