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Viticultures Rosi and Peter Hermann

Two sympathetic globetrotters

For years, Peter Hermann traveled through the world and developed the peace for his current profession as a winemaker. Some time after his return he found his wife Rosi in the region – she fell in love with the widely traveled man and the couple settled in Graubünden for good. The friendly family still enjoys traveling often. They followed her son Roman, who worked as a winemaker all over the world. Step-by-step he is now taking over the leadership of the winery. Wine was first pressed in their Torkel in 1982. Since then, production has increased incredibly and the original old barn has been replaced with a modern processing construction.  A walk through the 6.5 hectares comprised mostly of Pinot Noir vines and a visit of their hide-away Fläscherbad (which was used in medieval times as a bathhouse) is highly recommended.

Articles and photos by, Gian Carlo Casparis, Wine Tours Switzerland, the CityRoom staff, and with the kind support of Heidiland Tourism AG.


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