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US Virgin Islands National Park Remembered

Text by Stefanie Payne, Photos by Stefanie Payne or Jonathan Irish. The Greatest Road Trip.

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From Biscayne Bay to the US Virgin Islands, the road trip continues, often completely underwater.  Stefanie and Jonathan visited the National Park in the early part of 2016. It was in September of 2017 that the islands were devastated by two category 5 hurricanes – Irma and Maria.  

The USVI Tourism Agency now says that “our recovery from last year’s storms has been very strong.  Power has been restored, beaches and attractions have reopened, restaurants are serving up extraordinary dishes, and the USVI spirit is as warm and inviting as ever.”  Thank goodness!

It’s time to revisit the surreal beauty of the USVI National Park as seen in 2016.  Read more….


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