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Travel Must Adapt, Not Die

“Even if we have to walk, we will wander. For, to wander is to be alive.” – Roman Payne

Travel must adapt, not die. In these days of Coronalonlieness, Wanderers and Wanderesses still have the unquenchable hunger for travel. Even if the airports and railroads are closed, and even though common sense and a natural instinct for survival have muted this hunger a little, we still nurture a flame for exploration. And the tedium of confinement and rebellious urges that contradictate atainst the authorities’ restrictions will only feed the embers of wanderlust, and a flare-up is inevitable.

Unless the human race turns against instinct and the will to live, (which won’t happen), so long as the cards of living are on the table, “travel” is and will always be still in the cards.’

Readers, travelers, and tourism professionals, tell us ways you think travelers and the tourism industry can adapt and flourish in 2020.


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