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The Myths And The Facts About The World’s Most Luxurious Delicacy


While Beluga caviar is adored for whetting the appetite, and Cristal champagne is a choice elixir to enliven the spirit, there is still no rival for the one delicacy that is quickly becoming the world’s most beloved food when it comes to nourishment, delicate taste, and happiness of mind.  We are talking about sashimi—and it is all about the finest cuts of the world’s best fish.

Even here in Paris, where I am employed as a chef by one of the France’s top restaurants to prepare foie gras with white truffles, and the coveted “steak tartare,” I have found that these once worshipped dishes are losing popularity as top-quality Japanese restaurants flourish night and day catering to what is the French elite diners’ insatiable craving for the finest cuts of raw fish—top-prize going to Bluefin O-Toro (the most expensive grade of tuna used for sashimi).

What is it that is celebrated when we enjoy the perfect cuisine called sashimi?  Although it is hard to believe that it is not all about the wonderful, buttery taste, but sashimi is renowned worldwide for its healthful properties.  The purity and freshness preserve the nutritional values, especially the easy-to-digest proteins and the omega oils so necessary for human health.

On a recent trip to the United States, I was fortunate to discover a new provider of the highest grades of sashimi, shipped overnight directly to consumers.  As a new company, their focus is on just a few of the best-tasting tunas:  Bluefin, Bigeye, and Yellowfin (Maguro); plus Alaska salmon, and Yellowtail (Hamachi).

It is called Luxe Gourmets, a new company that is setting ever higher standards for exquisite sashimi.  Luxe Gourmets believes that where the best sashimi is concerned, the fish is the king, along with the fisherman’s techniques for catching, preparing and delivering it as fresh as possible to diners’ tables.

The only true proof of the wonders of top-grade sashimi is by tasting it – tomorrow!  Order on the Luxe Gourmets website for next day delivery.   Bon appetit!


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