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The Career Shifter With A Long Winemaking Tradition

The winery Sprecher von Bernegg in Jenins, located in the heart of the Grisons, is family owned since the 17th century. 2008 Jan Luzi has taken over the small 3 ha vineyard. Having studied business administration Jan changed his career and gained his oenological knowledge at the university of Wädenswil and gained his experience during various internships in Switzerland and arround the world.

His main focus is on the for this region typical grape variety Pinot Noir – 80% of the grapes used come from this noble plants. The terroir climate and soil provide the perfect conditions. In addition to his complexe Pinot Noir well structured Pinot Blanc and the indigenous grape completer is grown.

Since the vineyards have different characters, two different types of wine are vinified separately matured and filled. The Pinot Noir from Linden Wingert is an elegant fruity red wine. 6 months matured in used Burgundy barrels the classic Pinot flavors are dominant.

The Pinot Noir from the vineyard Pfaffen/Calander contrasts superimposed 12 months in new and once used franch barrels. Jan has the chance to inharitate the used barrels from the internationally know Winery Gantenbein from Fläsch. The character of this wine impresses with its spicy flavors its abundance and long shelf life. Up to 20 years these iconic wines can mature.

The Completer is a grape variety that is indigenous to the Grisons and stay for 24 months in oak barrels. The special character of this rare species offers an incisive acidity and a unique fine aroma.

The Pinot Blanc, a fresh fruity white wine, which is characterized by a light acidity and delicate fruit sweetness completes the the range of wine of Sprecher von Bernegg .

Whenever you have the chance to visit this young wine maker you can feel on hand the century old family tradition and on the other this new and passionate approach of the former marketing manager for his rare wines.

Articles and photos by, Gian Carlo Casparis, Wine Tours Switzerland, the CityRoom staff, and with the kind support of Heidiland Tourism AG.


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