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Partner with Us

The CityRoom Publishing Group is always looking for compatible partners who
have an interesting project and would like help from seasoned
(battle-scarred) professionals.  

Or, do you have a product or service that could benefit from honest,
thoughtful descriptions, reviews or testimonials?   A few of our websites
are now accepting submissions for articles, sponsored posts, and guest

1.  (About the cities of our world.)
2. (being remodeled)
3.  (When words matter)
4.        Epicurean.Reviews  (being remodeled)
5.  (for "The People of Wine")
6.  (Premium domains for sale)
7.  (for travel writers, tour operators,
travel destinations, etc.)
8. (are you a Wanderess?)


Note:  CityRoom maintains an open and flexible attitude regarding business
activities.  Exchange of money is always welcome, as is barter, exchange of
services, or whatever else adds to our mutual enjoyment of life.

Send your ideas to


Publishing on a Deadline?

…CityRoom announces the FastPost™

This month we are offering a special on FastPosts, only $10 (one image). Post Your Article Fast Post $10.00 USD In-depth Article $35.00 USD


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