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Pairing Sushi and Wine

There is no doubt in my mind – and my taste buds agree – sashimi is the world’s most luxurious delicacy. While some consider it an appetizer, I think it makes an addictive main course.  Fortunately, there seems to be an almost infinite variety of sushi to choose from, and sashimi’s popularity has exploded, so I won’t be running out of sources for my addiction any time soon – especially since I now live in New York City.

My Parisian friends who are still too timid to try eating raw fish may not understand the difference between “sashimi” and “sushi” but it’s simple: by definition, sushi refers to the sticky rice (soaked in rice vinegar) used with raw fish, and sashimi is the thinly sliced fish served alone or with rice. Originally, the rice for sushi was fermented to help break down the added ingredients (seafood, vegetables, even fruit), but over time, the process was shortened by just adding rice vinegar to already cooked rice.

My favorite sushi is the freshest of fresh fish (aka. Sashimi) that has been simply dressed and is served on top of rice with a touch of wasabi and a few complementary vegetables.  Although this may sound easy, the presentation, which is just as important as the flavors in sushi, is never taken for granted in Japan. Sushi chefs train for decades to learn how to prepare rice properly, slice fish to just the perfect thickness, and present the different ingredients and condiments in beautiful tableaux.

Making delicious sushi rice is easy when you know the proper proportions of rice, rice vinegar, and sugar to add. Two excellent recipes can be found on Epicurious and the Food Network.

Although I have enjoyed excellent sushi in famous restaurants around the world, my favorite sushi is still the sushi I make at home.  Because the raw fish is the center of meal, it’s essential the fish be nothing but the best quality—and for my sushi I rely on one place for sashimi—Luxe Gourmets. I buy my sashimi from them online and have found they never stint on quality, ever. From the unique packaging that keeps the seafood fresh, to the quality of the fish, everything is premium, and always shipped overnight.

So, if you are hungry and only sushi will satisfy, order now. And if you are a wine lover and want to know which wines to serve with your order, read the next article (coming soon) about pairing wine with sashimi; you’ll be ready to entertain like a pro. Bon appétit!


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