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Kulm Country Club Unveils Stellar Line-Up for its Inaugural Season as an Innovative Rotating Pop-Up

The legendary Kulm Hotel St. Moritz ( will launch the Kulm Country Club on 27 January 2017. The Country Club, which is the new incarnation of the hotel’s historic ice pavilion following a £9 million refurbishment under the guidance of world-famous architect and St. Moritz resident Lord Foster, will feature an innovative restaurant concept with a stellar line-up of chefs from around the world taking up residence for up to four weeks on a constantly rotating basis – in other words, a permanent pop-up.

Daniel Humm (photo credit: Marco Grob); Nenad Mlinarevic (photo credit: Esther Michel)

In its first season, the Kulm Country Club will host Daniel Humm of New York’s renowned Eleven Madison Square, GaultMillau Chef of the Year 2016 Nenad Mlinarevic of Park Hotel Vitznau and Argentine chef Mauro Colagreco of the two-Michelin star restaurant Mirazur in Menton.

Swiss Daniel Humm, one of the most feted chefs in the world, will launch the Kulm Country Club in late January and remain in residence for a week as part of the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival (, which takes place from 30 January to 3 February. Since 2012, Eleven Madison Square has continuously held three Michelin stars and is currently ranked third in the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list. His style of cooking reflects his Swiss origins, while also incorporating American influences: “Milk and honey”, “Humm dog with truffle mayonnaise and Gruyère cheese” and “Roast duck marinated in lavender and honey” are just a few of Humm‘s cult classics.

Kulm Country Club restaurant; Kulm Country Club private dining

Nenad Mlinarevic will take over from Humm and be in situ for three weeks from 4 to 26 February. Mlinarevic and his team from Restaurant Focus (2 stars Michelin, 18 GaultMillau points) at Park Hotel Vitznau will showcase a completely different, bistro-inspired menu using exclusively Swiss products. Dishes will include braised meat and an Alpine version of steamed buns with a savoury filling. Rather than a gourmet menu, these dishes will be served as they are at home ready for sharing among family and friends. Explains Mlinarevic, “We will cook just the way I like eating at home –using accessible, tasty ingredients without any garnish but prepared with a great deal of love – a mix between street food and bistro classics.”

Mauro Colagreco will complete the opening line-up at the Kulm Country Club, taking over the restaurant for the entire month of March. Colagreco, chef and owner at Mirazur, won his second Michelin star in 2012 and the restaurant is currently ranked number six in the San Pellegrino list of World’s 50 Best Restaurants. His food philosophy is all about freshness, simplicity, balance of colour and bringing out the true flavour of the ingredients. His cuisine reflects his South American roots, but is also – with the Italian border just 30 metres from Mirazur’s French front door – a marriage of the taste and flavours of the very best of these two Mediterranean countries. One of his star ingredients is lemon, which makes anchovy fillets set on fried anchovy skeletons pop and sing, while a dish Colagreco simply calls “Green” combines garden peas, fennel and even kiwi fruit in a tribute to freshness. His signature dish, however, is oyster with tapioca, shallot cream and pear – a modern classic in the making.

The Kulm Country Club restaurant will be open daily apart from Mondays, from 3.00 pm till midnight. Reservations can be made by calling +41 81 836 8260 or by emailing

Continuing the pop-up theme, inside the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz itself, the Sunny Bar will play host to established Peruvian chef Claudia Canessa, who is best known for her work at Fallen Angel in Cusco and for being part of the Ceviche team that kickstarted the Peruvian food trend in the UK.  Canessa focuses on seafood and vegetables, producing Peruvian classics such as hot and cold ceviche bites, as well as the Jalea Bun (a street food comprising deep fried seafood with avocado puree in a bun). She also creates a wide range of dishes suitable for vegans and vegetarians, such as Esparrgos (a grill favourite with asparagus, miso citrus marinade and amarilo aioli) and Artichoke & Asparagus Quinotto (made from quinoa, artichoke and chia).

The Sunny Bar restaurant will be open for the entire winter season, every evening from 7pm to 11pm. Reservations can be made by calling +41 81 836 8206 or by emailing


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