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Inauguration Cocktail Recipe: The Domestic Down-Under

What better way to launch a new community and magazine created by a company who opened house in the 1990s than with this retro recipe for a homegrown cocktail!

Celebrate the new CityRoom Network's opening with this spritzer concocted with either champagne, prosecco, cava, or whichever sparkling wine is domestic in your region; mingled with the (possibly not-imported) fruit that was popular in the 90s, the kiwi.

4 slices of peeled kiwi fruit (domestic if possible)

Juice of 1 local lime

1 packet Sweet & Low® or other vintage sweetener (substitute a sugar cube if preferred)

5 ounces domestic sparkling wine

Orange bitters to taste

Muddle kiwi, lime juice, and sweetener in a mixing glass. Add sparkling wine. Add ice. Mix contents of shaker gently with a long spoon. Strain into flute. Apply 2 drops of orange bitters on top of your cocktail. Sing aloud, "Hooray, CityRoom!"

Stay tuned for our magazine and community events.

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