Gilles Besse Jean-Rene Germanier Switzerland


After graduating from the Swiss Winemaker’s University in Nyon, Changins, he took over the oenologist’s position at his uncle’s winery: Jean-Renè Germanier. So winemaking is his art now; and he is at least as talented as in music. Nevertheless Gilles is a hardworking wine-virtuouso: managing a one-million-bottle winery, being president of the National Marketing Association “Swiss Wine Promotion” as well as the regional promotion group “Amigne de Vétroz”.

Mr. Besse’s non-working time, if there is such a thing, is spent skiing, golfing, and melting a loaf of local cheese to serve his friends his favourite dish from the Valais region called “Raclette” – with a glass of his prize-winning Fendant Grand Cru.


It is a must to taste the delicious and complex wines of autochthonous Swiss grapes, and of course some of Switzerland’s most famous single-grape creations such as Cayas Syrah.  Visit the winery with its historic tasting cellar or just find the master himself in Valais.

By, Jonas David Ettlin,