FWT Magazine Issue Three

Travel Writers’ Network member John Lamkin has just published Issue Three of his online magazine.

FWT Magazine: food wine travel, “The finest features in food, wine (+ other beverages), and travel for the discriminating reader” is widely used as a travel, food and wine resource by the English-speaking public, and has the added benefit of having a readership of hundreds of International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) members around the globe.

FWT Magazine promises to be the premiere resource for all things cuisine, beverage and travel. The content is provided by an international group of the most talented writers in the cuisine, beverage and travel industry. The magazine affords a unique look at the world covered with writers traveling the globe to bring our discriminating readers the best content available, and is an exciting addition for readers interested in cuisine, beverage and travel. It appears on FWTmagazine.com as well as ISSUE, JOOMAG and several other online newsstands and apps.

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