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Enchanting Men’s Facial at the Enchantment Resort and Spa

Maralyn and I have been to Sedona several times. During each trip, we’ve been struck by the majestic beauty of the red rock formations. When we visited the Enchantment Resort and Spa on Sedona’s edge, I felt as if I were literally a part of these formations. This resort is located so near to the rock overhangs that, seemingly, I was absorbed by them.

My own immediate objective for our visit was to experience a facial treatment at Enchantment’s Miiamo Spa. This was a noteworthy first type of treatment for me. Miiamo refers to itself as a destination spa, and the description is wholly justified. My treatment was labeled as a “Journeyman’s Facial,” with incredibly detailed steps.

A young woman named Dawn performed the treatment, she was knowledgeable and articulate about all its phases.

In summary form, nine steps were involved: encompassing cleansing, conditioning, serum applications, eye care, AHA applications, mask use, moisturizing, sunning, and what was called “up care.”

Step 1: Cleansing, involved use of a clarisonic pro brush, applying Oat Facial Polish. For males, this included a Clarifying Facial Wash, a form of body soap.

Step 2: Conditioning, called for a Lavender Honey Balancing Mist, also useful for subsequent after-shave applications.

Step 3: Serums, used a Carrot Seed Soothing Serum.

Step 4: Eye Care, was for twice daily applications of Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum.

Step 5: AHA, was intended to be applied as directed. A form of “Mank Gel” was used by Dawn.

Step 6: Masks, could be labeled as “peels.” Here, a Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel was the key to the masking process.

Step 7: Moisturizing, involved a male-only product known as a Daily Defense Moisturizer.

Step 8: Sunning, was intended for daily application and protection against the sun. The particular product was Lavender Protective Moisturizer.

Step 9: Up Care, for application as needed, was an Eminence product, Up Balm.

As a supplement to the nine steps, Dawn recommended an additional form of “Age Defense.”

For me, this Journeyman’s Facial for men was a new and very refreshing experience. When I agreed to start this journey into discovering spas, I had no idea I’d enjoy it. If you had asked me before the facial, I would have never imagined there would be so many steps. Yet, each one had a purpose and was relaxing. I hope to try it again, on a future visit to the beautiful Enchantment Resort and Spa.


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