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Champagne Didier-Ducos – A Family Affair


One such is Champagne Didier-Ducos in the village of Saint Martin d’Ablois about 6 kilometres outside Epernay.

Champagne Didier-Ducos started life in the same way as so many other small champagne houses. Returning home after deportation during World War II, Adrien Didier found almost nothing: no work, no house. Starting his own company and building his own house and offices was as much a necessity as anything else. The Ducos part of the name comes from the maiden name of Adrien’s wife, Yvonne.

However it was from these difficult beginnings that today’s champagne brand was eventually created. Adrien started by selling his champagne to friends and family and by dint of hard work the business gradually took off.

Clothilde and Nicolas

The Last Press at Didier Ducos

Washing the Press

One of the champagnes produced by Didier-Ducos is in fact a pure Pinot Meunier, still a rarity in Champagne but well worth discovering. The grapes for this cuvée come from 3 plots of vines: one planted by Nicolas’s grandfather, Adrien, one by his father, Christophe and one by Nicolas himself –  history in a bottle and still very much a family affair.

The author, Jiles Halling is a long-time resident in Champagne. You can find out more on and discover more about Champagne Didier-Ducos at

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