The Thrilling Saga of a Cursed Family Tree

Tree of Lives by Elizabeth Garden, Official Trailer If the video does not display, please watch it on You Tube:

The Joy of Audio Books Narrated by the Author

Competitive audio-books take the market when featuring “Narrated by the Author” content WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – July 8, 2019 Amazon Audible finally sold me a subscription last week when I was preparing for a 14-hour train ride to visit my sister in Brussels.  I searched Audible for my favorite authors.  Lately, my favorites are J.K. Rowling and […]

27 May, 2019 – Moat Brae – Where Peter Pan Began – Gets Ready To Welcome The World

NEWS RELEASE For immediate publication             House and garden that inspired J.M. Barrie set to open as the New National Centre for Children’s Literature and Storytelling May 27th, Dumfries – This Saturday sees the opening of Scotland’s latest international visitor attraction – Moat Brae house and garden, the new National Centre […]

Tree of Lives: A “Sanecere” Read for Abuse Survivors

Elizabeth Garden’s : “Tree of Lives” A “Sanecere” Read for Abuse Survivors Book Review by Rebecca Hunt Book Review by Rebecca Hunt I had a break-through reading ‘Tree of Lives.’  It is recommended reading in a support group I belong to for adult-survivors of abuse.   Our group requires us to read one chapter per day […]

“The Tantalizing Tree of Lives”

A Tantalizing Book Review of Elizabeth Garden’s: “Tree of Lives” by Zoe Papadopoulos Question: If you were tied to a tree, how would you get yourself free? …This question may sound silly and of little consequence, but it is of great importance to the work I am about to publish.  The culmination of years of […]

A Year in the National Parks: The Greatest American Road Trip

By Stefanie Payne (Author), Jonathan Irish (Author, Photographer) Subject:  Now in Print ! Technically, The Greatest Road Trip, took place during the Centennial of the US National Parks Service in 2016.  It started on January 1st when Jonathan Irish and Stefanie Payne entered the first of 59 national parks (the Everglades) and ended on December 31st.  In between, […]

Italy, the Country where we have “The Permission to be Human.”

While America is the place for business, Italy is the place for beauty.  These authors have described the Italian way of life better than anyone.  Here are our favorite quotes about the land of Dante and Boccaccio, where one “doesn’t have to be someone, one can simply be”… “A man who has not been in […]

A Year in the National Parks: The Greatest American Road Trip

On January 1, 2016, the U.S. National Park Service began a year-long centennial celebration of service and dedication to the “jewels of America” – the national parks, monuments, wilderness, seashores and other lands entrusted to its care. On that day, two Americans embarked on the greatest road trip of all to explore and document the incredible beauty and inspiration found in America’s […]

Cities & Countries

He encounters glory, suffers poverty and loss. Friends and lovers come and go, while youth gives way to wisdom and experience. Payne speaks to us in his unique timeless tone, mixing mythology, realism and allegory to create a stage for an extraordinary drama that blends comedy, tragedy, gritty prose and magical poetry in an exploration […]

News Flash: Author Roman Payne Freed From Exile In Africa

Moroccan King, Mohammed VI, grants Payne a full pardon.  US Consulate escorts author in secrecy from Marrakech to Casablanca, then flies him safely home to his native city of Seattle Family, friends, and fans of the author Roman Payne are celebrating his safe return to America today after he has been living in Africa for […]