Roman Payne

Roman Payne

Roman Payne (b. 1977), the author of “The Wanderess,” is an English-language novelist, poet, and adventurer who immigrated to France in 1999, and now lives in Africa, in the country of Morocco.

Payne is known for his poetic language, the sensuality of his prose, his archetype of the “wandering dreamer,” and his return to classicism (what he terms “heroic prose”).

Although Payne writes in English, his 15 years living in Paris where he spoke entirely in French, has greatly influenced his work, giving it a unique Latinate quality and inimitable voice. Payne’s literary quotes have inspired the lives and works of many artists and famous people, from pop-singers to world leaders. The themes of his quotes and prose explore travel, devoting one’s life to wandering, love and sexuality, femininity and self-empowerment for both women and men (the rise of the individual to live the “heroic life”). He is heavily influenced by Homeric Epic, as well as 18th and 19th Century French and European literature.

Payne achieved literary success in 2013 with the publication of his cult-classic novel, “The Wanderess.” It took Payne five years to write “The Wanderess,” whereas his other other four novels each took one year to complete. “The Wanderess” is arguably his best novel and a masterpiece of modern literary fiction.

In 2016, Roman Payne left Europe for Africa and he now lives off of his writing in the Muslim Arabic city of Marrakech, Morocco.