Jernej Šmalc


Jernej Šmalc

CrossEuropean Founder & Owner

Established in 2011 by Jernej Šmalc, CrossEuropean has originally been building bridges between European consumers, businesses and institutions by providing sales & marketing, consulting, marketing localisation & translation (L10N) services, and project management.

Bridging? Take Cross-European translations and localisation for example. Every year, more information is generated than in all previous years since Stonehenge cumulated. And all this information gets much better attention if presented in your reader’s own language. Even better when localised – adapted to his/her target group’s culture. Which is why machines can hardly ever push human translation out of the market. This is exactly where CrossEuropean comes in..

Now, CrossEuropean, still based in Slovenia, has become member of the US-based content marketing and PR giant, Travel Writers Network. Up to this day, TWN was only active in the English-speaking world. Now, CrossEuropean is monthly connecting European service providers with more than 1,5m businesses and end-consumers mainly located in the US.

We are entering the niches and creating them.

Take medical tourism as an example. The demand for it is soaring in the States. On the other hand, there is no place in the World more competent to provide attractive services than Central Europe. Why? Because it was by the Central European health/wellness resorts that … exactly, something in-between health and wellness tourism has been invented. Not a hospital, not a leisure resort. Or both. Something just enough medical to make your guest healthier and just enough wellness to provide that luxuriously feeling.

And there are so many more sectors both US businesses and consumers would crave to know more about. Best through short, interesting stories revealing incredible information about the great unknown, Europe that is. This is exactly where the members of Travel Writers Network come in. And Cross European is one of them. 

J Šmalc has been active as marketing specialist and top executive in the hotel and automotive industries since 1989, most notably at HILTON, RENAULT NISSAN, PORSCHE and ADRIA. He lived years in Paris, Cologne, Brussels, and countries such as the Netherlands, Estonia or Albania.

In the automotive sector, his professional history includes positions such as Pricing & Volume Forecast Manager for small cars range at the RENAULT Paris Headquarters; Head of Business Planning at the DEUTSCHE RENAULT; he was the very first NISSAN Brand Director following its takeover by RENAULT in Slovenia and Croatia; and was later named Head of Sales & Marketing at PORSCHE Financial Services.

Between 2008 and 2010, he was in charge for travel & leisure-related projects such as ADRIA HOLIDAYS tour-operator and European distribution of ADRIA HOME mobile housing units.

J Šmalc has his background in economic sciences and is fluent in German, French, English, Dutch, Slovene and Croat. He possesses status of IPMA Certified Project Manager and is active chairman of SDBP, the Slovene-Dutch Business Platform.