Dennis Payne

Dennis Payne

Dennis is a seasoned writer/editor with a career stretching from the mid-1960’s to today. Although he has extensive experience as a writer of technical documents, business plans and grants, and all aspects of marketing communications, his favorite writings have been well-researched journalistic profiles of interesting people and places – especially places of natural beauty.

As an inveterate entrepreneur, most of his efforts has been in starting and developing small, online marketing companies, which have carried forward to today and form a foundation for publishing his writing and that of his friends and associates.

Dennis’ unique ability to construct well-thought-out, informative, and playful stories about topics of life enjoyment appeals to marketers and dreamers alike. When he is not chasing his vagabond children across faraway lands, he lives in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Dennis is Editor-in-Chief of CityRoom, Kleoscampaigns, WorldWideToursDirectory, and other sites in the CityRoom network.


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