Christophe Pirotte


Christophe Pirotte.

Inventive Thinking, founded by Christophe Pirotte, was born from the observation that people and organizations nowadays don’t allow enough time to consider their lives, businesses and decisions. Taking time, re-exploring the fun, the creative and innovative can lead to thrilling new paths. Christophe’s choices are guided by curiosity and the urge to pursue new thinking: in marketing, making movies or being a tourist guide. Pleasure and respect (for life, others and yourself) are always central. Being Belgian, he lives since 2003 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. As a wine lover, he created one of the first Slovenian gastronomic wine tours (video link: which allows you to discover this relatively unknown wine country with fascinating winemakers as your hosts in 5 intriguing days in a relaxed setting combining the pleasant and the educational.

Information about wine tours in Slovenia: