What Befalls Us

By. Elizabeth Garden I was waiting for our friends to join me on the back porch, thinking about the cover of my book. My book promotions expert, a man I’ve never met in person, had just advised to change the cover. It wasn’t engaging enough, he said. Too static. The cone-shaped hydrangeas in the garden […]

As the Car Climbed ….

By. Elizabeth Garden The more the car climbed up the winding, steep road up to West Rock Park, the more sweaty tendrils of dread spread over Gerty like a fever. All the car windows were down and a fine, distracting breeze blew in a fragrance of wild rose and mountain laurel. Disassociating herself from her […]

How could this mess possibly become something?

By. Elizabeth Garden As a little girl Ruth would stare at a confounding page of jumbled numbers on a connect the dots puzzle, scrutinizing and rotating the page, unable to see beyond the minestrone of numbers all akimbo, but intrigued that the jumble before her held a key to something more. Following the number sequence […]

A Year in the National Parks: The Greatest American Road Trip

By Stefanie Payne (Author), Jonathan Irish (Author, Photographer) Subject:  Now in Print ! Technically, The Greatest Road Trip, took place during the Centennial of the US National Parks Service in 2016.  It started on January 1st when Jonathan Irish and Stefanie Payne entered the first of 59 national parks (the Everglades) and ended on December 31st.  In between, […]

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Croatia Continues To Gain Prominence As A Luxury Travel Destination

Croatia continues to attract the most discerning travelers and based on the recently released 2018 Virtuoso Luxe Report, an annual survey which provides key trends and insights to the luxury travel industry of its  international travel agency partners and their advisors, it is no surprise. The results and findings are based on current and anticipated bookings – […]