A Year in the National Parks: The Greatest American Road Trip

By Stefanie Payne (Author), Jonathan Irish (Author, Photographer)

Subject:  Now in Print !

Technically, The Greatest Road Trip, took place during the Centennial of the US National Parks Service in 2016.  It started on January 1st when Jonathan Irish and Stefanie Payne entered the first of 59 national parks (the Everglades) and ended on December 31st.  In between, they covered tens of thousands of miles, by road, air, water, and on foot.  Beyond doubt, it was an amazing adventure to honor the “Jewels of America.”

Factually, the entire project started early in 2015 with the concept and the realization that it could actually be done.  And even today, over 18 months after they walked out of the last park, the journey continues. 

Last month, the beautiful 240-page hardcover coffee-table book became a reality.  Filled with hundreds of photos, descriptions, facts, and stories – A Year in the National Parks is destined to become a treasure in homes, schools, libraries, coffeehouses and backpacks across the USA and internationally.  Stay tuned, there is more yet to come.


Now available for purchase on Amazon and at the official website, The Greatest Road Trip.