Santi Moscato: More Than A Dessert Wine

December 16th, 2011

Moscato...great with cheeses & desserts...& so much more

By Steve Mirsky

I’m always impressed when a wine visually reflects its terroir. You actually begin getting to know it just by pouring. My most recent instance of this was when I tasted Santi Moscato Montedoro 2010. Santi Moscato grapes are grown in Italy’s Trentino region on foothills of the Dolomite Mountains. The word “Montedoro” is derived from the golden hue reflected on the pointed spires of these mountains at sunset.

Upon first taste, this wine has enough sugar to lull you into the assumption that it can only be a dessert wine, but it would be a disservice to limit it to that. Light white unspiced fish and chicken along with a fresh steamed vegetable side is sure to get the possibilities started. Soba noodle soup also immediately comes to mind. This golden-hued mead has ripe melon on the nose with a tight underlying effervescence upon swallowing giving it a lively kick to the palette. Otherwise tropical fruit sweet and smooth…consistent from sip to swallow. For me, it deftly exposed the earthy flavor dimensions of the black truffles in the Sottocenere cheese I paired it with.


Photo (pictured right) courtesy of Steve Mirsky.  Coverage made possible by Frederick Wildman