The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg, Germany

February 22nd, 2012

By Maralyn D. Hill

The Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg

In general, when traveling a long distance, I attempt to arrive a day early so I have time to rejuvenate. And my first goal checking into The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg was no different – I promptly made a spa appointment for their signature treatment the following morning and set off to enjoy a high tea.

Room at the Ritz Spa


In the morning when arriving at the peaceful, solitude of The Ritz-Carlton Spa, the relaxing atmosphere was refreshing and relaxing. Complete with a well-equipped modern workout facility overlooking a view of the docks and canal, and one of the spa’s most famous aspects, its floating pool in the harbor basin (the floating pool maintains a constant temperature of 29 C/84F.)

The spa offers two steam rooms and two saunas, separated by gender. After a good steam, I went on to my treatment (and highlight of my visit!) —“Renew Rose Anti-Aging Body Ritual,”(115Euro) for 90 minutes of delight.

My therapist started with a fine regenerating body polish, during which she dry brushed my entire body. A mud packaging followed, and as the mud dried, I enjoyed an intense foot massage—sheer heaven. After rinsing free the mud mask, I returned to the massage table, for a full body massage with pure rose jasmine oil. Jasmine is known for calming your skin and pores before the Collagen-rebuilding Rose Plus Anti-Aging body cream is applied.

Before I left, I learned about The Organic Pharmacy products used. They are exceptional. The spa offers massages, body treatments, and facials. So, you are able to schedule whatever you desire. Not all spas offer a four hands massage. Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg Spa does, and I know for a fact, this treatment is delightful (60 Min / 136 Euro; 90 Min / 188 Euro), and a massage you will never forget.

Resting area

Another very important aspect focuses on therapists. They enjoy the facility so much that its turnover is minimal. Most have been there since the very beginning. This provides continuity of teamwork, which was evident in my treatment. This is a spa that I felt offers exceptional services for a fair charge.

I walked away, knowing I had achieved my goal of being alert and ready to start my whirlwind schedule that afternoon.


Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg

Parkstrasse 1 38440 Wolfsburg Germany

Phone:  +49 (0) 5361-607000

Spa Phone: +49 (0) 5361-606059

White Tea Helps Slow the Aging Process and Boosts Your Metabolism!

January 12th, 2012

Studies show that sipping antioxidant rich white tea helps combat free-radicals, while slowing enzyme activity that wears away collagen and elastin (skin proteins that keep skin young-looking, smooth and free of wrinkles.)  Enjoy cold for a refreshing, low-calorie drink that speeds your metabolism.

Is there anything about tea that is not good for you?!

A Box of Community Wellness

January 4th, 2012

Harvest 2 U Direct

Story and Photos by Linda Kissam

My guess is that most of you reading this article support local business.  You also want to engage in a healthier lifestyle.  And, if I dig a little deeper, I bet I’ll find that you would like to be involved in helping the less fortunate in your community.  Well it seems that Temecula, CA entrepreneur Don Webber owner/operator of Harvest2U based out of Temecula has the same goals.  Read on as I tell you the story of a man committed to supporting local growers, providing fresh organic produce to his community at an affordable price…all while feeding the hungry, in a direct one on one outreach effort.

About a year ago Don had a bright idea; bright not just in its concept but in its sustainable vision.  He’d been involved for some time with his church’s ministry to feed the hungry.  He’d experienced what it meant to local Temecula and Murrieta families to receive a gracious helping hand. He wanted to expand this effort by complementing the church’s ministry program. He decided to create a farm-centric commercial business model that allowed him to make a living, support local growers, provide a broad range of people with healthy organic produce, and give back to needy people in his community.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a perfect business model to me.

Don Webber at Unity Farms

Don put aside his corporate job to work on his dream. Within 6 months Harvest2U was born and he hasn’t had anything but positive thoughts about what it is doing for the community and how he might expand it in the future. Don explained to me, “The Lord led me to this.  I didn’t want to ignore His timing.”  He shared, “The number of free boxes of produce I give away is based on the number of paying customers I have.”  Currently he feeds about 8-10 families each week.  They get the same exact fresh organic produce as the paying customer.  “It’s exciting to see all of my customers change their lives, getting healthier.”  His vision of success is to have a minimum of 500 customers supporting 50 or more free boxes of produce for those in need.

The reality of his business plan is simple. Every week or two, clients receive a fresh box of organic produce. By working cooperatively with multiple local farmers, Harvest2U combines the best each farmer has to offer. This ensures his clients the best quality and the largest variety of locally grown organic and naturally grown (non-certified organic) produce.  The decision of frequency is up to the client.  I personally subscribe, and am delighted to see what each box brings.  There are several programs to choose from, including the Family Harvest $38/box; the Couples Harvest $30/box; the Green Juicer Harvest $84/box; The Couples Green Juicer Harvest $53/box; the Fruit Juicer Harvest $78/box; and the Couples Fruit Juicer Harvest $49/box.

Gabriel Ruiz in the fields at Unity Farms

I wanted to see an example of the farms Don works with.  On a blustery Friday morning I met with him at Unity Farms in Rubidoux.  Don had arranged for me to also meet owner Gabriel Ruiz. All I can say is wow! Passion, drive, joy … and again the right timing for the owners… has blessed the Ruiz family with lush produce and a clear vision of what serves the community with a healthier lifestyle. I can see why Don choose this farmer as my introduction to organic farming.

What’s up next for Don and his outreach program?  He’s searching for more growers to provide more variety for his customers.  He wants to expand his program to Lake Elsinore, Fallbrook, and Sun City. He is off to other states to see if his program can be adapted to cold-weather climates.  Think Washington or Idaho using specialty greenhouses for year round access to affordable organic produce.

So… are you intrigued? Are you ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle?  By joining Don, not only will you be making strides in your own wellness efforts, you will be supporting those in need in your own community.  And… get this… you will be paying the same or less than you would if you purchased the same organic produce in local supermarkets.  The only difference is your produce was picked and delivered within 24 hours and generally lasts 2 weeks instead of 4-5 days. My suggestion is to check out the Harvest2U website to start making healthy, community minded changes today.

And hey, if you’re not near a Harvest2U program yet, click here for a stuffed eggplant recipe to help you kick off (or continue) a healthy lifestyle with.  Enjoy, compliments of Harvest2U.

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