Drill-Free Dentistry with Icon

July 19th, 2011

Revolutionary Technology Arrests Early Cavities and Gets Rid of White Spots Left by Braces

As new technologies emerge that keep the drill at bay, the dental chair is becoming a more comfortable place for patients of all ages. DMG America recently introduced “Icon,” a micro-invasive treatment that will stop the development of emerging cavities in-between teeth without drilling or needles. Not only does Icon halt early-stage cavities, but it also removes white spots on the teeth, that often result when braces are removed, in just one visit to the dentist. “Icon truly represents a paradigm shift in modern dentistry” says George Wolfe, President of DMG America. “The Icon treatment is easy and takes only about fifteen minutes.” The drill, in many cases, has been replaced by a proprietary applicator which slides in-between the teeth and then administers the resin to arrest the progression of an early cavity.

The same holds true for the elimination of white spots on the front of the teeth. Mr. Wolfe goes on to say, “The key is visiting your dentist regularly to catch the cavities early and being educated about options that are now available in dentistry.” Dr. Frank Vascimini, a dentist in Homosassa, Florida was moved when he handed his sixteen-year-old patient a mirror after administering the Icon procedure to eliminate the white spots on her front teeth. “The result was exceptional. When I handed the mirror to the patient, she broke into a huge smile and said ‘I can’t believe those spots are finally gone.’ I would say it was one of the most gratifying moments of my professional career.” According to Dr. Joel Berg, Director of Pediatric Dentistry at Seattle Children’s Hospital, “The research conducted to evaluate the Icon product and procedure was extensive, and has been published in some of the most respected journals in dentistry. It was subject to a high level of scrutiny, and therefore makes me quite comfortable with the reproducibility of the findings.”

Icon is a revolutionary approach to treating pre-cavities and white spots. Learn more about Icon or locate a dentist currently using the product by visiting www.dramafreedentistry.com.

- CR