Dennis Payne

Dennis-PayneDennis is a seasoned writer/editor with a career stretching from the mid-1960’s to today. Although he has extensive experience as a writer of technical documents, business plans and grants, and all aspects of marketing communications, his favorite writings have been well-researched journalistic profiles of interesting people and places – especially places of natural beauty.
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Gian Carlo Casparis

Dennis-PayneGian Carlo grew up in the region of Bündner Herrschaft and Heidiland an hour east from Zurich, Switzerland. For many years he has been interested in these unique wines of this region. Since school days he maintains a close relationship with the local winemakers and knows their products in detail. After graduation of the Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne Gian Carlo gained experience in the international luxury hotel industry.
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Guy Reifenberg

Dennis-PayneGuy Reifenberg – a founder of Kokopeli Adventure, qualified guide and photographer who loves adventures in the great outdoors as well as good food. He is a graduate of the Geographic Photography College and has a BA degree in Government Diplomacy and Strategy. He has a deep, long standing and thorough acquaintance with the North of Spain and the Pyrenees.
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Jiles Halling

Dennis-PayneJiles Halling was born in England and has lived and worked in the heart of the Champagne region for many years. He has a wealth of knowledge about champagne and in particular the lesser-known, independent champagne makers.
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Chateau La Tour Apollinaire


Chateau La Tour Apollinaire offers spacious apartments and charming rooms, nestling in a private exotic garden with a swimming pool and private parking within walking distance of the historical center of Perpignan, France.
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Natalie Trent

Dennis-PayneNatalie was born in Denver, CO, and raised in Seattle, WA.  She has now lived abroad for over half her life and always dreamed of settling in France and running a B&B. Passionate about food, she became an internationally-trained personal chef with extensive knowledge of cuisines from around the world.
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Summer Whitford

Dennis-PayneSummer Whitford, known as The Food and Wine Diva, is a chef and wine pro turned writer. She lives in Washington, DC and writes about all the tasty things to cook, eat, drink, do, and visit—around the corner and around the globe.
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John Lamkin

Dennis-PayneAn award-winning journalist and photographer, he started travel writing as an escape from the drudgery of being an aerospace engineer – dropped the engineering, kept the writing. John went on to study at the San Francisco Art Institute, then on to found the now famous San Francisco Camerawork.
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Susanna Starr

Dennis-PayneSusanna Starr is an entrepreneur, photographer, speaker, artist, writer, and traveler and holds a degree in philosophy from Stony Brook State University of New York. Susanna has over twenty years experience in the hospitality business as owner of Rancho Encantado, an eco-resort and spa in Mexico.
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Julie Sevigny

Dennis-PayneShe is a freelance journalist specializing in Literature & Lifestyle.
She is a regular contributor to
Meet Julie on Facebook:
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Mustapha Aderraz

Mustapha Aderrazustapha Aderraz, Marrakech, Morocco, is a co-founder of “Moroccan Nature Trail,” the country’s premier tour operator.  Their desire is to help visitors from around the world to explore and experience Morocco – from the chaos of the souks to the majesty of the Atlas Mountains and the mind-altering expanse of the Sahara Desert. 
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