The Dawning of the Age of the Wanderess: How Modern Culture is Encouraging Young Women to Travel the World Alone and Free

“The Wanderess,” Roman Payne’s latest novel, is experiencing a boom in viral activity.  The subject of the book resonates with our internet culture, which allows and encourages women to brave the world on their own. Buy on Amazon In the world of literature, it is extremely difficult to find novels with titles like: “The Portrait of an […]

Dylan Thomas 100 Festival

WALES CELEBRATES ITS ROCK STAR POET DURING HIS CENTENARY YEAR The centenary celebration of Dylan Thomas’s birth (born Swansea: October 27, 1914; died New York City: November 9, 1953) – Dylan Thomas 100 – continues in Wales with news of additional multi-disciplinary events being added to the festival’s creative mix.   An inspiration for poet-musicians […]

Literary-Fiction Writer Removed from Amazon Kindle Store for Not Accepting “Erotica” Label the world’s largest bookstore and literature’s most powerful decision-maker.  They seem to have now assumed the position of the Minister of Cultural and Judge of Public Decency… but is this business powerhouse capable of justice in the domain of Art & Culture?  It appears so, as they have just banished a work of literature […]

William Burroughs – The Bad Boy of American Literature

American writer of experimental novels, who lived long times in Mexico City, Tanger, Paris, and London. Burroughs’s homosexual themes in THE NAKED LUNCH (1959) and the frankness with which he dealt with his own experiences as a drug addict sparkled the last major obscenity trial in U.S., but won him a following among writers, musicians, […]

New Book Encourages Young Women to Travel Alone: Exploring the “Girl’s” Coming-of-Age Novel

It is a cold November morning in New York, and a new and very interesting novel just came out.  Very few novels are published with titles like: The Portrait of an Artist as a Young ‘Woman.’  And even if a woman comes of age in a novel, she may as an artist, but never an […]

Giacomo Casanova: Profile of one of history’s greatest memoirists

Soldier, spy, diplomat, writer, adventurer, bon vivant… chiefly remembered from his autobiography, which has established his reputation as the most famous erotic hero. Casanova’s memoirs are a fascinating (albeit unreliable) account of his adventures with 122 women – according to his own counts – but they also provide an intimate portrait of the manners and […]

Princess Nausica’a of The Odyssey

By Roman Payne One of the most endearing characters in the Odyssey, Princess Nausica’a, the daughter of King Alcinous of the Phaiakians, almost seduces Odysseus on his return home. After 7 years of exile on the island of Calypso, Odysseus is permitted to leave the nymph to return to his homeland of Ithaca. A storm […]