A Year in the National Parks: The Greatest American Road Trip

On January 1, 2016, the U.S. National Park Service began a year-long centennial celebration of service and dedication to the “jewels of America” – the national parks, monuments, wilderness, seashores and other lands entrusted to its care. On that day, two Americans embarked on the greatest road trip of all to explore and document the incredible beauty and inspiration found in America’s […]

DENVER, CO. Morris Animal Foundation & Smithsonian Collaborate on Wildlife Veterinarian Training Program

MUMBAI, INDIA. Godrej Aerospace Launches a ‘Centre of Excellence’ to Strengthen Foothold in the Aerospace Sector

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA. Government announces new initiatives to protect whales under the Oceans Protection Plan

WASHINGTON DC. New Research Heading to Space Station Aboard 14th SpaceX Resupply Mission

TORONTO. Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants for a Big Night Out, According to OpenTable Diners

“Tree of Lives” – a Haunting Memoir

“Tree of Lives” – a Haunting Memoir By Elizabeth Garden Looking back at the little cottages, Ray the Recruiter considered the families still asleep or just waking up inside each one, their inhabitants unconsciously engaged in the act being happy — at least what he considered to be happiness. It was so simple. How could […]

Hope & Despair – A Novel

Hope & Despair – A Novel By Roman Payne A feast of sensuality, Payne’s third epic novel narrates the story of the beautiful young Nadja, and her brooding lover Nikolai, as the two come of age in a springtime garden. When their world of earthly delights fades with the dying season, the two are exiled […]

Cities & Countries

He encounters glory, suffers poverty and loss. Friends and lovers come and go, while youth gives way to wisdom and experience. Payne speaks to us in his unique timeless tone, mixing mythology, realism and allegory to create a stage for an extraordinary drama that blends comedy, tragedy, gritty prose and magical poetry in an exploration […]

Program of Economic Reactivation for the Benefit of the People, 1980 (Bi- lingual English/Spanish)

The Program is not the work of one person. Nor solely of a political party for partisan purposes. It was the work of 200 people commissioned by the revolutionary Government of National Reconstruction to create a plan for the post-Somoza world. Bilingual English/Spanish. Set in the 1970s and 80s, the novel portrays a rich cast […]